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Onboarding Timeline

Welcome to ThinkReservations! We are so excited for you to be apart of the ThinkFamily. 

The onboarding process may feel overwhelming right now and we want to ensure you that we are here to take that stress away and make it as smooth as possible for you. 

There is a total of 7 steps in your transition to using ThinkReservations. The below timeline will give you an overall outlook on what the onboarding process looks like after you sign up for ThinkReservations. 

Step 1: Have a Kickoff Call and Provide your Account Manager Information

Your handpicked Account Manager will call you within 48 hours of getting assigned to your account. The goal of this call for your account manager to discuss the onboarding process and answer any and all your questions about the onboarding process. Once you have the kickoff call your Account Manager will send you an email with 10 questions to answer. This allows them to set up your account. Your Account Manager will need the information 1-2 weeks before your Onboarding Wrapup Meeting. 

Step 2: Account Manager Setting up your Account / The Property will start to review the Training Videos

Once you provide your account information your account manager will start to set up your account! When your Account Manager is setting up your account, you can start to watch the ThinkReservations Training VideosWrite down any questions you have from those videos and your account manager will be able to answer them on the onboarding wrapup call. 

Step 3: Review Your Account Settings 

Once your Account Manager sets up your account they will email a PDF document detailing many aspects of your account. It's important that you review the document and provide any updates to your account, so your Account Manager can make any required changes before the Wrapup Call. 

If you haven't finalized your payment processor now is the time to do so. We will need to before we can have our wrapup call. 

Also, if you haven't watched the ThinkReservations Training Videos now is the time to do so. Write down any questions you have from those videos and your account manager will be able to answer them on the onboarding wrapup call. 

Step 4 and 5: Export and Import of your Data from your previous PMS (1-3 days BEFORE the wrapup call)

If you opted to have ThinkReservations "import" your data, that will occur at this time. Typically the export and import will happen 3 days BEFORE the wrapup call. The day that we export your data from your previous system, it is important to note any changes in your previous system since those changes will not be in the export/import and need to be manually updated into ThinkReservations. ThinkReservations is not able to export credit card data. Once your data has been exported, it will be imported, or brought into your ThinkReservations account. 

IF you have declined the export/import in the sales process and have decided that you would like your data in Thinkreservations, please let your Account Manager know. They will be able to communicate with the tech team to make sure this happens for you. Please note, that the import may NOT happen before the wrapup call. 

Step 6: Have the Onboarding Wrapup Call

The Onboarding Wrapup call will last about 30-60 minutes. On this call, your Account Manager will connect your payment processor (make sure you have the log-in for the account), do a test transaction to ensure the system can take payments. You will then log-in to your ThinkReservations account and your Account Manager will be able to show you how to make a reservation and answer any questions you have of the system. Then your Account Manager will be able to explain the next steps to connect to the OTAs. And then you will wrap up the call and your Account Manager will tell you the next steps to Go Live with ThinkReservations on your website. 

Step 7: Go Live with ThinkReservations

As soon as your ThinkReservations calendar is up-to-date, you can update your website so your "Check Availability" and "Book Now" links point to your new Online Booking Engine. You might also add our Gift Certificate Order Form and Privacy Policy. If any other sites have a link to your old booking engine, make sure those get updated as well. After you have updated your website, we can connect your OTA accounts like Expedia,, Airbnb, HotelTonight, and TripAdvisor to ThinkReservations. If you were previously connected with any OTAs, make sure to monitor those until connected to ThinkReservations. Be aware if you have availability offered still with your previous system to manage those manually until you are ready to shut it down. Once your account is set up and your website points to ThinkReservations, we consider you "live"!

Here is some information about AFTER you Go Live with ThinkReservations 

Prep to Connect to the OTAs (Optional)

ThinkReservations can connect directly to several OTA's (Online Travel Agencies). This can only happen once you are live with ThinkReservations on your website. OTA's are, Expedia, Airbnb, HotelTonight, and TripAdvisor. If any of these accounts are connected to your old property management system or channel manager, please make sure to connect them to ThinkReservations after you go live so those reservations don't get lost, and we can manage them for you.

  • You can start the process of updating Expedia to connect to ThinkReservations if the account is something Expedia calls "ARI enabled." This is because Expedia might need a few days or potentially longer to complete the changeover. Please reach out to Expedia for details and an ETA.
  • TripConnect is a cost-per-click tool that can take up to 72 hours to switch, and therefore can be updated in advance as well.
  • Airbnb should be connected after you go live.
  • can be updated within minutes, and therefore no prep time is needed.

The actual connection should happen after you go live on your website. Please schedule a call with our support team, and we will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your Setup Account Manager via email or by calling the Support line at 877-736-4195 x2. 

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