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How to Create a Payment

It's important to keep ThinkReservations up to date with customer payments. 

Payment Methods:

By default, we give you several payment methods, as seen in the below list. You can also create custom payment methods, or "house accounts." Click HERE to learn more about custom payment methods.

Payment TypeNote
CashManual cash transaction journal entry (record only).
CheckManual check journal entry (record only).
Credit CardElectronically charge the credit card entered/on file.
Gift CertificateElectronically debit house (ThinkReservations) Gift Certificates.
3rd Part Gift Cert.Other certificate or gift card journal entry (record only).
Third Party Credit Card ProcessorManual credit card transaction journal entry (record only).
Use this payment method, for example, if you ran the customer's card in your terminal.
Used to record a transfer of funds from one bill to another.
Click HERE for details on how to use this method.
Custom payment methodsCustom payment methods are also a journal entry (record only).
Click HERE for details on using custom payment methods.


Follow the steps below to create or record a new payment. 

  1. Open the bill or reservation that needs to have a new payment applied. 
  2. Note the existing entries, if any, in the Payments section. 
  3. Click PAYMENT under the Payments section. A pop-up window will appear.
  4. Click on the Payment Method drop-down to change the type of payment. 
  5. Some payments allow a note. Optionally enter a note for your record in the Ref # box if there is one. This note does not show in the emails to your customers but is on the printed bills. 
  6. Enter the amount of the payment in the box on top. 
  7. Click Take Payment to save the payment record to the system.

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