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Personalized Variables

Personalized Variables

Personalized variables allow you to add information relating to a reservation or customer into your emails and print templates. Basically, the system will substitute the variable with the corresponding value. Personalized variables are case sensitive: they must be all lowercase to work!


Personalized VariableSubstituted WithExample
Customer or Guest Information
${customer.first_name}The first name of the customerJohn
${customer.last_name}The last name of the customerSmith
${customer.full_name}The Full name of the customerJohn Smith
${}The company nameSmith Photography
${}The customer's phone number(212) 555-1212
${customer.work_phone}The customer's work number(877) 736-4195
${customer.cell_phone}The customer's mobile number(415) 867-5309
${}The customer's email
${customer.street_address}The first line of the customer's street address123 N. Main Street
${customer.extended_address}Line two of the customer's street addressSuite 7
${}The customer's cityAnytown
${customer.region}The customer's state or provinceCA
${customer.postal_code}The customer's ZIP code90210
${}The customer's countryUSA
Reservation or Bill Information
${reservation.check_in_date}The check in date of the reservationJuly 4th, 2017
${reservation.check_out_date}The check out date of the reservationJuly 8th, 2017
${reservation.created_on}The date the reservation was createdJune 12, 2017
${reservation.itemized_bill}The reservation's itemized bill which includes all billing items for each room in the reservation along with the total, amount paid, and remaining balance.(See below for example)
The reservation's itemized payments includes all individual payments made, with the date and payment type listed out.(See below for example)
${reservation.subtotal}The total room charges before taxes$500.00
${reservation.taxes}The total amount of combined taxes$30.00
${}The total amount of the reservation with taxes$530.00
${reservation.paid}The total amount the customer has paid$250.00
${reservation.remaining_balance}The total remaining balance the customer owes$280.00
${reservation.total_number_of_guests}The total number of guests on the reservation2
${reservation.total_number_of_nights}The total number of nights for the reservation2
${reservation.number_of_rooms}The total number of rooms on the bill1
${}The channel as indicated on the bill. "Online" means they made it on your
${reservation.confirmation_id}The unique Confirmation ID for the bill1A23B45C
${reservation.special_accommodations}The special accommodations associated with the reservationWill be proposing on Saturday at breakfast.
${reservation.arrival_time}The arrival time for the guest as indicated on the reservation4:00 PM
${reservation.rooms}A comma separated list of rooms associated with the reservation; for properties with Room Types, this variable will show the name of the Room TypeJungle Suite

One Bed King Suite
${reservation.individual_rooms}A comma separated list of rooms associated with the reservation; for properties with Room Types, this variable will show the specific Room assignedRoom #102
${reservation.dietary_restrictions}The dietary restrictions associated with the reservationNew diet; avoiding fatty foods
${reservation.additional_guest_names}The additional guest names on the reservationJane
${reservation.directions}The directions information to the room(s) associated with the reservation. Programmed in each room's settings. The address fields are not displayed. Directions to the [room name]: line is added automatically.Directions to The Jungle Cottage:
The Jungle cottage is the farthest on the right. The code to the door is 1234. Parking is in the rear.
${reservation.room_additional_information}Additional information to the room(s) associated with the reservation. Programmed in each room's settings. Additional information for the [room name]: line is added automatically.Additional information for The Jungle Cottage:
Guests staying in the cottage also have full access to the main house. Click here to see special info about the cottage.
${today}Today's dateFebruary 29th, 2020
${business.cancellation_policy}Cancellation Policy (Programmed in Business Settings.)Reservations canceled more than 14 days in advance... 
${business.terms_and_conditions}Terms and Conditions (Programmed in Business Settings.)The Viewpoint is a non-smoking property...
Gift Certificate Variables
Only valid for selected gift certificate emails, as setup in Email Rules
${gift_certificate.code}The gift certificate's unique code1A2B3C4D
${gift_certificate.comments}The gift certificate's commentsYou deserve it! Happy Birthday!
${gift_certificate.from}The person who the gift certificate is fromYours Truly
${}The recipient of the gift certificateSomeone Special
${gift_certificate.expiration_date}The gift certificate's expiration dateDecember 31, 2021
${gift_certificate.redeemable_value}The gift certificate's redeemable value$500.00
${gift_certificate.sale_price}The gift certificate's sale price$500.00

The personalized variable for ${reservation.itemized_bill} renders something like this:

Room: The Jungle Suite (July 4, 2017 - July 6, 2017) 2 adults
Best Available Rate
07/04/2016Picnic Basket$50.00
Amount Paid:$250.00
Remaining Balance:$280.00

The personalized variable for ${reservation.itemized_payments} renders something like this:


09/30/2016 Credit Card Visa $1,150.00
10/27/2016 Credit Card Visa $1,150.00
 11/28/2016 Credit Card Visa  $1,150.00

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