Copy Your Rates and Restrictions from One Rate Type to Another

You can copy the changes and work that you have made in one rate type, and paste them into other rate types. The below instructions will show you how to copy from one rate type to another.

Note: You cannot copy prices from one date range to a different date range.

Copy price and/or restrictions for the time period you wish to overwrite or superimpose.

1.) Click on the name of the rate type that you wish to update from the Rate Types section in settings.

2.) Click on Rates & Restrictions on the top.

3.) Click the gray Copy... button near the top right.


4.) In the pop-up, choose the name of the rate type you wish to copy from in the "FROM RATE TYPE" drop down.

5.) Choose the date range you wish to copy over, the days of the week, and the rooms.

6.) Choose the appropriate boxes for "RESTRICTIONS." If you wish to copy both Min. Nights Through, and Min. Nights on Arrival, make sure to check both of those boxes. If you wish to copy over prices only, then only check the "Price" box. Uncheck boxes that you don't want to copy. It will overwrite whatever is checked!

7.) Click Copy to perform the copy function.

8.) Please check your work!

When you are ready, you can click Save in the top right. Once you click Save, there is no undo.

If you have any questions, please let us know!

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