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Rate Types 101 Webinar

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  1. Set a reminder to extend your rates at an interval that works for your business.
  2. 2. Visit Settings > Booking Engine to customize how far in advance your guests can book online (default is 365 days) and how much lead time you'd like for online reservations (you can even set a same-day cutoff time).
  3. When editing or extending rates, remember Simple Select > Modify > Clear Selection to avoid overwriting your hard work!
  4. Use the "Clear" and "Select All" links available in the Simple Select pop-up to make updates between rooms quick and easy.
  5. To remove availability from a room or date, make sure that the date box is completely empty, not set to "0". Having a "0" means you are offering the room night for free, which is helpful for certain types of rate specials.
  6. Always test your rate updates in your booking engine to ensure they are set as you've intended and are easy for the guest to understand.
  7. Remember you can see both types of Minimum Nights restrictions displayed simultaneously from your reservation calendar. Click the "View" drop-down and select "Show Restrictions".
  8. Your Rate Type settings will always show which restrictions you've set, while your reservation calendar will show which restrictions are currently being enforced based on your availability.
  9. The best way to familiarize yourself with our Rate Type settings is by working with them hands-on. Take some time to extend your rates. Remember you may have up to 2 years' worth of pricing and restrictions set at any time.

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