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Frequently Asked Questions about HotelTonight

Why did my HT reservation came in with a name, but no email address or phone number?

HotelTonight doesn't currently support sending the guest's contact information through a channel manager. This is a HotelTonight policy that ThinkReservations cannot control. HotelTonight doesn't share this information with the property. Instead, make sure your profile on HotelTonight asks your guests that book through HotelTonight to reach out to the property for check-in instructions.

Can I move my HT guest into another room?

Guest's the book your rooms on HotelTonight don't know the name of the room or the type of room they are getting. If you need to move a guest, you can put them into another room without worry.

Do guests know what unit or room type they will be put in?

No. The guest doesn't know exactly what room type they will be in. You and your staff will be able to see what room a HotelTonigt guest is put in.

Why do I only see one room available on HT?

HotelTonight only shows the lowest-priced room type then available. Once that room type is booked, it can take approximately 5 to 10 minutes for inventory to reload and for the property's next available room to show on the app.

Why did I get an email from HotelTonight that my availability is sold out, but I still have rooms available?

On HotelTonight, it currently takes about 5-10 minutes to load availability for the next room.

What if a guest wants to cancel?

As with other OTAs, have the guest reach out to the site where they booked. In this case, HotelTonight customer service can be reached at (844) 820-6066. This is the same phone number that properties use for support as well. HotelTonight makes it very clear to the guest that all bookings are non-refundable unless your HT profile says otherwise, or in the case of extenuating circumstances.

Some of my units can hold more than two guests. Does HT support this?

Rooms you share on HotelTonight need to all accommodate at least two guests. If additional guests are subject to an additional charge, please note this in your property's profile on HotelTonight. If any additional guests show up, you will need to charge them accordingly when they check-in.

Does the cutoff time I have in the ThinkReservations Booking Engine settings affect HT?

No, the Booking Engine settings in ThinkReservations are for the ThinkReservations online booking engine only. HotelTonight has its own default same-day cut-off settings. Reach out to your HT Market Manager if you would like to make changes to the same-day cutoff time for your property on HT.

Does HT support a cleaning fee?

If your property has a cleaning fee, reach out to your HT Market Manager about adding your cleaning fee.

Does HT support a resort fee?

Yes, HotelTonight supports adding a resort fee for your property. The resort fee will be displayed to customers on HT and must be collected on-site by the property.

Some of my rooms are pet-friendly. Can I specify which rooms on HT?

No. Unless all of the rooms are pet-friendly, don't mention in your profile that your property is pet-friendly because the room they get might not be a pet-friendly room.

Is it possible to connect multiple rate types to HT?

Yes. HotelTonight currently supports mapping multiple rate type to HotelTonight. Please reach out to your HotelTonight Market Manager for details.

Does HT support restrictions like minimum nights?

Yes, HotelTonight supports minimum night and other restrictions. The restrictions are programmed on the rate type(s) you have associated with HotelTonight. Edit these restrictions in the Rates & Restrictions tab of the rate type in ThinkReservations.

Why does it look like my restrictions are not coming over from ThinkReservations to HT?

Your restrictions are being sent over. HotelTonight is working to improve how these are displayed in HT property settings.

How do I set or change my cancellation policy or deposit policy?

All HotelTonight Reservations are paid in full by the guest at the time of booking. HT's standard policy is that all reservations are non-cancellable. Guests are clearly informed before checkout that bookings are non-refundable (unless the hotel's profile says otherwise, or in case of extenuating circumstances).

Are there other payment options available for HT to reimburse me?

HotelTonight currently only supports the Virtual Credit Card (VCC).

Can I charge the VCC right away?

Virtual cards are authorized for charge on the day of check-in. HT’s standard policy is that all reservations are non-cancellable (except in case of extenuating circumstances). We recommend that you set the Cardholder Name to "HotelTonight".

Why did I get an email from ThinkReservations that says the card is invalid for this booking?

The email is triggered because there is no credit card on file for this reservation. This is because HotelTonight doesn't send the credit card to ThinkReservations. We will be suppressing this email in a future update. That that email as a reminder to charge the virtual card.

Does the VCC expire?

You must charge the VCC within 6 months or risk forfeiting the funds.

What if a guest would like to purchase something or I need to charge the guest beyond the room charges?

It's advised that you retain the guest's credit card upon arrival for incidentals and other charges. The VCC you have on file is only good for the room charges.

What are the commissions and fees associated with using HT?

HotelTonight will charge a standard commission. ThinkReservations will charge a commission of 3%.

Does HotelTonight collect and remit taxes directly to the government?

Depending on where your property is located, HotelTonight may collect some of all applicable taxes on bookings made directly through the HT platform. HotelTonight will collect these taxes from each guest and remit them directly to taxing authorities on your behalf. If your property is located in a jurisdiction where HT collects and remits of or all taxes on your behalf, and to prevent double taxation of the guest, you will need to have the connected rate type set up to not collect those taxes, or manually mark those reservations as exempt. Please reach out to ThinkReservations support for help with this update.

How do I contact HotelTonight for support?

You can reach HotelTonight via email at or via phone at (877) 522-3344.

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