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Getting Started with Whistle Messaging

ThinkReservations offers a direct connection to Whistle Messaging for communicating with your guests via text (and other channels.) Please let us know if you have any questions that are not answered here. For any and all Whistle support questions, please contact Whistle.

To get started, navigate to and schedule a demo, start a free trial, or learn more about their product.


  • Generate your Whistle Integration Username and Password
  • Connect Whistle to ThinkReservations

    Generate your Whistle Integration Username and Password

    Once your Whistle account is set up, get your special integration username and password from Whistle. This is found in Whistle > Company > Integrations. Enable ThinkReservations. Paste the Username and Password into ThinkReservations' Whistle settings page. Once enabled, in-house and future reservations will pour into Whistle within 5-10 seconds.

    1. In your Whistle account, navigate to Company with the gear icon.
    2. Click Integrations from the list of menu options
    3. Click ENABLE under ThinkReservations in the PMS Integrations section.
    4. Once enabled, you will see your special integration Username and Password.
         This is not the same as your whistle or ThinkReservations login information!

      Next, you will need to paste that Username and Password into ThinkReservations.
  • Connect Whistle to ThinkReservations

    1. Log into ThinkReservations and navigate to Settings > Marketplace> Learn More for Whistle.
    2. Click the green Add Application button.
    3. Once you have added the application, navigate to Settings >Whistle
    4. Set your STATUS to Enabled and enter your Whistle integration Username and Password from Step 4 above.
      (Do not enter your ThinkReservations or your Whistle log in information here.)

    5. Click Save.
    6. Wait about 10 seconds or so for Whistle to download your reservations and then head back to Whistle.
    7. Click the Reservations button with the bell icon and you should see all in-house and future reservations!
  • In Whistle > Company > Integrations > You should now see a Last Updated timestamp in the ThinkReservations card.

Not seeing your reservations?

If you have any trouble, on this page in ThinkReservations, set Whistle's STATUS to Disabled, Save, then Enabled, and Save again.

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