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Upsell Portal: Walk through

The ThinkReservations "Upsell Portal" is the webpage that your guests with reservations can use to add items and packages to their existing reservations.  The page is available through a link you provide in an email to the guest.  It is a mobile responsive page that is customized to match the look and feel of your website.  We recommend that you create a reservation and follow the steps to add an item to the reservation at least once so that you can become familiar with and understand the process.

This document will walk you through the Upsell Portal as it will appear to the guest and show you how you can provide the guest with a unique link to the upsell portal for their existing reservation.   No additional settings are required to enable the Upsell Portal.  Here is a summary of the process:

  • You will need to provide the guest with a unique link to the Upsell Portal for their reservation.  You can add the link to any email template, such as Confirmation Email and Reminder Email.  You will only need to add the link to a template one time.
  • The portal can be used by guests before or during their stay. Be sure your items are configured to have a minimum notice if you don't want guests to buy same-day items during their stay!
  • When the guest clicks on the link, the Upsell Portal will display a summary of their existing reservation and a list of the items and packages available to add to their reservation.
  • After adding the item(s) or packages(s), a summary of the order will appear with the balance due based upon your deposit policy. 
  • The guest is required to agree to your Terms and Conditions and Cancellation Policy before the payment can be processed.

Add the Link to the Upsell Portal

  1. Navigate to Settings > Email Templates and select the email template to add the link to.
  2. You may want to add a new paragraph promoting your add-on items and packages and inform them that they can add these online.
  3. Include in this verbiage a clickable link using a little bit of HTML code called an HREF
    1. Here is the code: <a href="${reservation.upsell_url}">Click here to browse!</a>
    2. The segment in quotation marks is a personalized variable representing the unique link to the guest's reservation.
    3. Insert ${reservation.upsell_url} within the quotation marks to create a clickable link to the Upsell Portal.
    4. The segment between the right- and left-pointing brackets (Click here to browse!) is the phrase that will be clickable on the guest's email.  You choose the word or phrase that is clickable.
    5. The guest will see the clickable word or phrase in light blue font in their email.
  4. Save your changes to the template.

Example of a clickable link inserted in a template

Here is how the link will display in our preview window and the guest's email.

Upsell Portal - Display Available Items and Packages

After the guest clicks on the link to the Upsell Portal, they will see a summary of their reservation and the list of items and packages available to add to their reservation.  The Upsell Policy set for each item and package determines the available items and packages.  Please note: In the case of a multi-room reservation, only the first room is considered when applying the Upsell Policy.  For example, if Room 1 is the first room and Room 2 is the second room on the same reservation and Massages are only available in Room 2 in the Upsell Policy, the Portal would not display Massages as available to add to the reservation.

The guest can select the quantity of an item or package (per the Upsell Policy) then click on Add to Room.  They can add as many items and packages as are available.  Once they finish their selection, they will click Continue to go to the payment page.

Upsell Portal - Payment

The guest will see a list of the items and packages they ordered, quantity and price per item, total tax, and total including tax for the order.  The Deposit due is the amount payable by the guest according to the deposit policy for the rate type used in that reservation.

Below the list of items, the guest will indicate their payment method.  They can choose to pay with the credit card on file if there is one or to pay with a new card.  They will complete the required credit card information if they pay with a new card.  In either case, the guest must agree to the Terms & Conditions and the Cancellation Policy before payment is accepted.

When the payment is accepted, the guest will see a confirmation of their order and the applied payment.  They will also receive an email confirmation sent to the email address on file for that reservation.

Please note:  The guest must submit a payment to complete the order, even if zero is due.  The order confirmation will show that no payment was processed.

Review the Order and Pay

Order Confirmation

Confirmation Email your guest will receive to their email on file:

Notification email sent to the business:

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