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Set Up a Resort Fee

The ThinkReservations tax functionality can be used to configure fees for your property. There are type types of taxes to support a multitude of fees.

  • A percentage-based fee that is applied to only the rooms (and/or items) you specify, such as a Resort Fee.
  • A flat fee that's charged per night for the rooms you specify such as an Association Fee

If your flat fee is per stay, then this should be set up as a Default Line Item. Reach out to our support team to have this enabled for you. This can be used for a Resort Fee, and is also commonly used for a Cleaning Fee.

This article will walk you through configuring a 10% Resort Fee as an example. The amounts and names of the fees are arbitrary so simply replace the amount and name with your fee based on your business needs.


Step 1. Setting up the Fee as a Tax

  1. Navigate to Settings > Taxes:
  2. Click New on the top right.
  3. Give the tax a name.
  4. Optionally associate a Liability Account (this can also be done later)
  5. Create a Tax Rule.
    1. Specify an applicable date where this tax should start. Enter the date the fee should start. (This is important if you need to retroactively apply the fee to already-booked reservations.)
    2. Choose a Type:
      Percent for a percentage of the room's (and/or item's) subtotal, or
      Fixed for a flat fee to be charged per night
    3. Click the gold Add button to add the rule.
  6. Now that the rule is added, you can click Save to commit your changes and add the tax. It might look like the below image.

Step 2. Apply the Tax to Rooms

  1. Navigate to Settings > Rooms:
  2. Click on a room that needs to have the Resort Fee added.
  3. Scroll to the TAXES section of the page and note the checkboxes. A checked box means the tax will be applied. A cleared box means the tax will not be applied.
  4. Check the box for Resort Fee for the "Taxes for Rooms" section.
    Note: If the room has additional guest fees and/or pet fees set up in the occupancy section just above, and those fees are applicable to the Resort Fee, then check those boxes as well.
  5. Click the Save button at the bottom to commit your changes. It might look like the example below.
  6. Repeat steps 2-5 above for each room that needs to have the fee added to it.

Step 3. Seeing it in Action

Once this has been set up, new reservations made will have the resort fee added. The above changes we made together will not impact any existing reservations. This is so that guests who have already paid, already agreed to a certain amount, or have received your confirmation email are not disrupted. Existing reservations can be updated using the Tax Recalculation feature. Please reach out to support if you need any assistance with that.

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