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Survey Templates

Survey Templates are a great way to engage with your guests, getting important information and feedback in a consistent, easy way. For a little more context, you may wont to review the following articles about related topics:

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Survey Templates are pre-designed messages with a programmable auto-reply based on how your guests respond. You can send Surveys to your guests either automatically using Message Rules or manually through the Messaging platform. First, navigate to Settings > Survey Templates. You can view our default Departure Survey template by clicking on the survey from the list to open it. 

Navigating the Edit Survey Template Page

The Survey name and short description box is a staff eyes only field - your guests will never see what is written here. Use this box to give your survey template a name so it can be easily chosen from a dropdown menu for sending through ThinkMessenger or applying to an automated Message Rule.

The Survey Question box is where you can draft the initial message that will be sent to your guests. This message should include both a question and a prompt instructing your guests on how they should respond. When you are crafting your Survey Question, consider that responses must exactly match the configured responses below in order to trigger the Automatic Reply.

In the Automatic Follow-Ups section, you'll draft your Automatic Replies and map them to all the possible guest responses. To add an answer that will trigger the Automatic Reply, click the Add Answer button. Be sure to add each possible answer that should trigger the associated reply, keeping in mind the prompt you provided in your Survey Question.

To create a new Automatic Reply, click the Add Follow-Up Reply button, and configure each answer you would like to trigger the associated Reply.

Once you have added all the Answers and Automatic Replies you need, be sure to click the Save button. Once you have created your Survey Template, you can then set it up to be sent up automatically using Message Rules.

Personalized Variables

The Survey Question and Automatic Reply fields support the use of Personalized Variables, which pull information from a reservation associated with the message you are sending, like the guest's name, arrival and departure dates, or the room they stayed in. A full list of personalized variables at your disposal can be found under the Cancel and Save buttons on the Edit Survey Template page, but you can also learn more in our Personalized Variables Support Article. Note that there are some variables that are not supported for text messaging, like ${business.terms_and_conditions} and ${business.cancellation_policy}. Some other variables, like the ${reservation.itemized_bill}, are not recommended for use in text messaging due to the formatting.

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