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Stash Hotel Rewards Integration

This article is intended for members of Stash Hotel Rewards only. This integration can only work if you are already a member. If you are interested in becoming a member, visit

Click here to learn more and add the application:

Getting started...

1. Navigate to Settings --> Marketplace --> Stash Rewards' "learn more" button (or follow the link above)

2. Click Add Application

3. Navigate to "Stash Hotel Rewards" in the left-hand settings menu

4. Input your Hotel Tag. If you are unsure of your Hotel Tag, check with your Stash Rewards onboarding manager

5. Click Save to initiate/enable the connection.

6. The page will refresh and become a mapping page. Here, you will match rooms and rate types in ThinkReservations with your room and rate types in Stash, as in the example shown below.

7. Hit Save when mappings are complete.

8. You are now connected!

Once you are connected, guests searching on Stash's website will be able to book your hotel through the Stash page. These reservations will flow into ThinkReservations with the channel showing as "Stash Rewards." Guests booking through Stash will have the option to pay by credit card or by redeeming points. If they choose to pay by card, their card will be visible in their booking on ThinkReservations just like any other booking. If they choose to pay by redeeming points, a virtual credit card will be added to the reservation from Stash. You can use this card at any time, however it will only have enough funds on it to cover what was booked through Stash. In other words, if they guest adds an item or package to their booking, the virtual card will not be able to be used as payment for those. You will need to get a new card from the guest for additional charges.

Similar to other channels, guests should go through Stash if they wish to cancel or move their reservation. Unlike other channels, there is no 3% commission charged by ThinkReservations for Stash bookings.

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