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Customizing Your Certificates

This article will help you understand what parts of the certificate you can update on your own, and what parts ThinkReservations can update for you, and how do request these changes.

Personalizing Individual Certificates
Customizing the bottom half (Footer) of the certificate
 ▼ Customizing the top half (Certificate) of the certificate

The ThinkReservations Gift Certificate template has some elements that are locked and cannot be changed and some elements that can be customized for your property.

You can manage the below in SettingsGift Certificates

Default Gift Certificate Expiration:
The expiration date can be changed on an individual certificate basis, but the default is programed also in your Gift Certificate Settings page.

Gift Certificate Policy:
The policy that appears below the name of the recipient comes from your Gift Certificate Settings page. The policy should be limited to about 150 characters. Limited HTML is supported in this field.

TIP: It's also possible to leave this blank and put your policy in the footer instead. This allows the "message" to take up a bit more space if you consistently have more than the 100 character limit.

Gift Certificate Logo
You can provide the logo that appears in the top half of the certificate. Since the certificate has an off-white background, a logo with a transparent background works best. Upload a logo on your Gift Certificate Settings page.

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The bottom half or footer of the certificate can be customized with three columns of text. These columns support text, an image, custom colored background, bulleted lists, and other elements, as seen in the example below.

If you provide us with the text and a photo to include in these three columns, and instructions on what text goes in what column, our team will style the template for you. Please use the below sample for reference.
Space is limited in these columns, so please be concise. There is room for a maximum of 23 lines of plain text per column. This is about 720 characters or 110 words. Headlines and bullet points take up more space.
 If you would like a different colored background for the first column, let us know.

Send your text for the three columns, along with an attached photo and specific instructions to

Download our sample Gift Certificate here.

Personalizing Individual Certificates

Each Certificate has editable elements that are specific to that certificate. Inside the certificate page is a green Edit button on the top right. 

Sale Price:
How much the customer was charged for the certificate.

Redeemable Value:
Initial value of the certificate (Remaining balance is shown on the certificate page.)

Expiration date:
After this date, the certificate cannot be used, unless the date is changed. Check the box if the certificate does not expire.

The name of the giver, as shown on the certificate. This is a searchable field.

The name of the recipient, as shown on the certificate. This is also a searchable field.

This is the message that is shown directly below the recipient's name on the certificate. Please try to keep this message less than about 100 characters.

Notes for staff:
These are internal notes and only display on the certificate page, not on the certificate itself.

More help on Gift Certificates ► HERE 

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