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Selling Gift Certificates Online

When you are ready to sell Gift Certificates online, you simply need to publish your special online gift certificate order link. This link will take visitors to a form where they fill out all the necessary information to automatically purchase a gift certificate. Your specific link can be found within your Gift Certificate Settings. We also recommend reviewing your Gift Certificate Settings before you start selling certificates online. Please visit our Gift Certificate Settings support article for more information. 

When the customer visits this link, they will be required to fill out the order form. Upon completion, their card will be charged for the amount of the certificate and they will receive an email receipt as programmed in your Email Rules Settings. Depending on your Gift Certificate Settings, the customer will then receive their certificate by mail or email.

Delivery by Mail
If the customer receives the certificate by mail, it will be your responsibility to physically mail out a printed certificate as requested by the customer. You will know it needs to be mailed because you will receive an email from ThinkReservations with the subject line "[Action Required] A new sale was created online: 8W489QV6", except it will contain the Confirmation ID corresponding to the gift certificate sale. When you receive this, open the bill in ThinkReservations and you will see the address that they have entered to have it mailed to in the Special Accommodations field. You will then need to print the certificate and mail it accordingly. For more information on how to print, visit our Printing Gift Certificates support article.

Delivery by Email
 If the customer receives the certificate by email, a PDF of the certificate will be automatically sent to the email address as requested by the customer.

That's it. You have now sold a gift certificate online!

A few things to note:

  • At this time, the gift certificate order form page is not customizable. 
  • There is a $25 minimum when someone is purchasing a gift certificate online. 
  • ThinkReservations will send an email to the "Notification email" that is programmed in the Business Settings when a new gift certificate is sold online.
  • You can view, manage, and search for existing gift certificates by clicking on Gift Certificates in the black bar at the top.
  • While the gift certificate template cannot be customized, we do offer the ability to add a footer to your gift certificate. Click here for more information on Customizing Your Certificates. 
Please note: In the Items Settings for your Gift Certificate item, make sure you do NOT check the box to "Upsell to Customers who are making a reservation online". The only way to sell gift certificates online is with the special link.

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