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Configure Business Settings

Business Settings in ThinkReservations is where you program some basic settings for your ThinkReservations account. Access your Business Settings by clicking on Settings --> Business Settings.

Name: Business Name

Description: Short description of your business exposed to clients using ThinkOrganizations.

Address: The physical address of the location guests need to go to check-in.

Time zone: Local time zone for your business.

Phone: Main business telephone number. This is used in emails, the booking engine, and for Google Hotel Ads

Business Email: The primary email address used for your business.

Reply-to Email Address: This is the email that will be used when a guest replies to an email sent from ThinkReservations.

Notification Email: This is the email that will receive notifications when reservations are made online, copies of all emails sent to customers, and general announcements from ThinkReservations. Enter multiple email addresses separated by a comma. 

BCC all customer emails to: If you want to receive a copy of all emails sent to customers, enter one or more email addresses here. ThinkReservations will also store a copy of emails sent to customers. View this email from the History tab of the reservation to view the email that was sent to the guest.

Email Channel Manager Invoice To: This email address is used for the channel manager invoice. This invoice is also available in Settings > Billing for your convenience.

Website URL: Enter the link for your website, such as

Terms & Conditions: Enter the terms and conditions for your property. Include all the information about your policies. Guests booking online will be required to check a box indicating that they have read your terms. HTML is not currently supported here. To insert your Terms & Conditions into any of your email templates, use the personalized variable: ${business.terms_and_conditions}

Cancellation Policy: Enter your cancellation policy here. Make sure to include information if your policies differ for events or holidays. Guests booking online will be required to check a box indicating that they have read your cancellation policy as well. HTML is not currently supported here.
To insert your Cancellation Policy into any of your email templates, use the personalized variable: 

Important Note: Make sure the Terms & Conditions and the Cancellation Policy are kept up-to-date with what is on your website. We separate your cancellation policy from your other policies for a good reason--in the event of a chargeback, many credit card companies now require proof that the customer specifically agreed to the cancellation policy. This gives you a better chance of winning that chargeback.

Privacy Policy: This is the privacy policy that is auto-generated for your business. You can edit the block of text as you see fit.

Google Analytics: Indicate if your website uses Classic or Universal analytics.

Account ID: Enter your Google Analytics account ID. Example: UA-12345678-1

Google Adwords Conversion ID and Conversion Label: Enter your conversion ID and optionally your conversion label if you are using Google Adwords.

Measurement ID for Google Analytics 4: Enter your Google Analytics G- ID. Example: G-12345SAMPLE

Facebook Pixel ID: This is a 15-digit numeric ID tied to your Facebook business account for tracking your Facebook Ads effectiveness.

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