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Getting Started with Tripadvisor TripConnect

Tripadvisor has a tool called TripConnect CPC (CostPerClick) that allows your prospective guests to check availability right from your Tripadvisor page. They also have a tool called TripConnect InstantBook. This article is about the Cost Per Click online bidding campaign tool. Tripadvisor will display the lowest rate bookable for that day -- as long as the rate is visible on the online booking engine without a customer group or coupon code.

Make sure that you use the below links as it's easy to confuse their "Instant Book" tool and the "TripConnect" CPC tool. These instructions are for the TripConnect CPC tool. Instant Book is an OTA, and is covered in other articles.. 

When a prospective guest clicks the "View Deal" button, they are taken directly to the ThinkReservations online booking engine for their selected travel dates.

Property on location search resultsIndividual property page on Tripadvisor

  • Rates in ThinkReservations with a Customer Group or Coupon Code are not included in the displayed rate.
  • The "Tripadvisor" deal is Instant Booking, a different product, that will allow the guest to book on Tripadvisor through either the property (with Instant Booking) or through another OTA.
  • The "View Deal" button for the Official Site will take your guests directly to your ThinkReservations online booking engine for the selected search dates.
  • The options will only come up if you have availability for the guests' selected search dates. 

Advantages and Benefits:

  • No additional cost to ThinkReservations for this service.
  • The "View Deal" link is only visible when you have availability for their selected travel dates.
  • As a direct reservation, guests are presented with package and upsell options (if you have them).
  • ThinkReservations can collect additional guest names, arrival time, dietary restrictions, etc. where most OTAs don't.
  • Tripadvisor tracks the number of booked nights and revenue generated so you can see how well it's performing.


To start with Tripadvisor's "TripConnect" CPC (Cost-Per-Click) bidding tool, please make sure that your business name and address match your business name and address on Tripadvisor. If they don't, please let us know, and we can help Tripadvisor manually map your property.

To connect to TripConnect CPC, go to...

...and click on 'Check Eligibility.'

Login to your Tripadvisor account and follow the instructions on the screen. You will select ThinkReservations as your connectivity partner and click the confirm button. Once complete, Tripadvisor will start showing your availability and prices on your listing within about 24 hours.

If you get a message that says ThinkReservations does not have you listed in TripConnect's inventory, please reach out to ThinkReservations support so we can enable it for you. You will be able to try again within 24 hours.

Since reservations are booked directly with your ThinkReservations online booking engine, there is no commission from ThinkReservations for these reservations.

If you are already connected with some other connectivity partner and would like to connect with ThinkReservations, please reach out to Tripadvisor support to have them manually disconnect you. Please note that this can take up to 5 days for Tripadvisor to process. You can also have ThinkReservations assist with this step if you prefer to deal with us.

You may also wish to download any previous invoices under "Transactions" in your current campaign with Tripadvisor before you disconnect.

As an active Tripadvisor TripConnect connectivity plus tier partner, ThinkReservations currently supports these services from Tripadvisor:

CPC Campaigns: Drive incremental bookings from Tripadvisor to your website

CPC with Revenue Tracking: Get full reporting on the success of your CPC campaigns

Review Express: The fast, free & effortless way to get valuable traveler reviews

Troubleshooting TripConnect

If you have any questions, please reach out to support.

NOTE: Reservations made with TripConnect (Official Site) do not incur the 3% commission to ThinkReservations since they are made directly with your ThinkReservations booking engine.


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