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Create a Custom Payment Type

If you would like to show a record of a payment that does not fall within the default payment methods, you can create a custom one. This is useful for recording payments that do not come directly from the customer, such as payments from and AirBnB.

Once you are logged into ThinkReservations, click the Settings button in the top right. Navigate to:

Settings → Payment Types

1.) Click the link New Payment Type at the top right corner to create a new custom payment type.

2.) Enter a name for the payment type in the box.

3.) Choose the asset account you want to assign to the payment type.

4.) Click the Save button when done.

5.) You can click on this new payment type and edit the name anytime if you need to.

If you have a bill open, you may need to refresh your page to see this new method as an option. When recording a new payment, custom payment types that you create will also allow you to use the Ref # box for a note of some sort to associate with the payment.

The Payments by Type report will allow you to track payments received based on this new payment method.


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