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Why is My Reservation Calendar Grayed Out?

There are three reasons why rooms or dates would be grayed out:

  1. You do not have prices entered for the rate type currently being viewed.
  2. The room type box is unchecked in the rate type's Details tab.
  3. The room is linked with another room and can't be overbooked.

1. No Pricing

If you don't have pricing entered for the days in the rate type you are viewing, then the Availability Calendar will show gray blocks. You will notice that you are not able to make reservations or blackouts in those blocks, either.

The below example has prices set as far as November 30th. We can confirm this by clicking on SHOW RATES above the Calendar in the VIEW menu to toggle the prices overlay. It's gray because there's no pricing. You must have rates for it to be bookable or to create blackouts.

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Please make sure that you are viewing the correct rate type and that you have prices entered appropriately.
ThinkReservations recommends that you set your rates for the future every 2-3 months. This way, you will always have rates for 21-24 months out.

2. Room Type Box Cleared/Not Checked

The first symptom of this problem is if there are one or more rooms that show a continuous gray bar that you are unable to use. To "enable" this room for a Rate Type, follow the below steps:
1.) Navigate to Settings 
 Rate Types  Click on the rate type for which you would like to enable the room.
2.) Look under the Rate qualifiers heading. If you see the room with the checkbox cleared, then you have identified the problem. Check the box and click Save on the bottom right.
 A cleared checkbox means that this room does not apply to this rate type, and is therefore not available on the calendar, indicated by the grey blocks.


3. Linked Rooms

You may also see the same gray blocks if a guest books a linked room, and it is programmed to close one or more rooms. For example, if you have linked a "Whole House" unit to the other guest rooms, and a guest has books that unit, we can program it to close the rooms for that period that the whole house is booked. We indicate this closed room by showing the gray blocks.
 If you have any questions about this, please let us know!

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