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Managing Your Items

Any item that will be added to a bill at any point first needs to be set up as an item first. This includes gift shop items such as mugs, fees such as Shipping/Handling, and room enhancements such as massages and flowers.

Navigate to Settings ⟶ Items

To edit an existing item, simply click on the name of the item to view and edit its details.

Edit the details for the item

NAME: Name of the item as is displayed online (if upselling) and in your bills.

DESCRIPTIONIf you are upselling this item online, the description you set here will be displayed in the online Booking Engine after a guest has selected a room.

PRICE: Enter a price for the item. Do not include characters such as the $ sign and commas.

TAXES: Check the box to indicate that this item needs to have this tax applied to it.

REVENUE ACCOUNT: Specify the revenue account with which you would like this item associated.

Sell an item in your ThinkReservations online Booking Engine

If you also want to sell this item online, Check the Upsell to Customers who are making a reservation online box. This will allow a guest to add this item to their bill on their own when making a reservation through the booking engine.

TIP: If you are upselling an item, make sure to fill out the DESCRIPTION, as this is what accompanies the item in the online Booking Engine.

Fill out the UPSELL POLICY as you see fit.

Eligible Room Types: Specify if this item can be purchased with all or a select group of room types.

Eligible Dates: Specify if this item can be purchased every day of the week, specific days of the week, or during specific time periods. The dates here are the travel dates. The date range must include the full time your guests would be booking. If your date range is for only one day, guests staying 2 nights won't be able to choose it.

MINIMUM NUMBER OF NIGHTS NEEDED TO ADD THIS ITEM: Enter the number of nights required for a guest to stay before this item is eligible. Leave blank to indicate no minimum.

MAXIMUM NUMBER OF NIGHTS NEEDED TO ADD THIS ITEM: Enter the maximum number of nights a guest can stay for this item to be eligible. Leave blank to indicate no maximum.

MAXIMUM NUMBER OF ITEMS A GUEST CAN ADD PER ROOM: Enter the maximum quantity a guest can add per room. If you indicate a number, a drop-down quantity box will be displayed. Leave blank to indicate a maximum of 1.

NUMBER OF DAYS OF ADVANCE NOTICE NEEDED IN ORDER TO UPSELL THIS ITEM: Enter the number of days of lead time that you would like for this item. This allows for a minimum notice to prepare for certain items.

In the above example, we are upselling the "Early Check-in" item for all rooms, every day of the week.
When you are done, click the Save button at the bottom.

To change or upload the photo associated with this item:

Upload a small image if upselling this item online. The image will show alongside the description in the online booking engine to help entice guests to purchase. A stock photo will work fine.

  • Click the Photo link to the right of the name of the item.
  • Depending on your Internet browser, click Browse... or  Choose File and select an image from your computer.
  • Click the Save button at the bottom.

You can see an overview of your items on the Items page in settings.

When you click the Add button on a bill or reservation, the popup will populate with the changes you have made, if any, to the items. The drop-down will put them in alphabetical order.

To edit the sort order of your upsellable packages and items as they display to guests in your Booking Engine and Upsell Portal:

Follow the instructions here: Sort Upsell Items/Packages.

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