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Create a Point-of-Sale Invoice

You can the steps below to easily add Items to a blank bill for a point-of-sale transaction.

1) To create a new empty invoice or bill, simply click the New Bill... button from the ThinkReservations menu. This will create a new blank bill with no rooms associated.

2) To add items, click the add icon.

3) Choose the Item Category (if applicable) and/or the item you would like to add to the bill from the drop-down. If you have not set up Item Categories, you will only see one drop-down with your full list of Items.

Note: Creating Item Categories can help with managing large numbers of items. Navigate to Settings > Item Categories. Click New to create names for your categories. Once your categories have been created, you'll be able to assign each of your items easily. To do this, go to Settings > Items. Open your first item. From the drop-down labeled Item Category, select the appropriate option, and click Save. Once you have assigned Item Categories, you will select the category first, and then the item, when adding Items to a bill or reservation.

At this point, you can change the price and date of fulfillment, if needed.

5) Click Add to add the item.

6) Repeat this process for each item that needs to be added.


7) On the left side of the page, add the customer information. If you need to send them an email receipt, make sure to retain an email address.

 8) At the bottom of the page under "
Payments," you can record the customer's payment(s) for the bill. After your customer has paid, send an email receipt or print a bill.


  • To send an email, click on the email icon  and choose the email template you'd like to send using the drop-down menu. You can view, edit, and send the email here.
  • To print a bill, click on the printer icon  in the top left of the bill and select the template you'd like to print. The printer dialogue box will appear. Make any updates to the printer settings and click Print.

Deleting or Editing Items 

If you need to delete and an item, click on the item, then click on the delete icon. Click on Delete Item to remove the item. If you need to edit an item, click on the item, then click on the edit icon. You can then edit the date, price, and quantity. When you're finished, click Update.

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