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Navigating the Reservation Calendar

The Reservation Calendar provides a simple and effective way to view your availability, past and future reservations, rates and restrictions, and additional features such as payment status, booking status, reservation source, and any tasks associated with individual reservations. It is the tool you will use most often, so it is important to get familiar with the layout and functionality.


Rooms are listed on the left, and dates run along the top of the grid. There is also a scroll bar at the bottom, allowing you to easily move through three months without needing to adjust dates. When you hover over a room, if Notes for Employees have been created in the room setting, those will appear on the screen. If your property is utilizing Room Groups, those will be displayed as well. 

Research shows that most phone reservations are made within three months, making those dates easy to access using the scroll bar. If you would like to look further into the future or at past reservations, you can click on the Calendar Icon and select any start date you would like. If you want to go back to today, click the Today button . When you click the Today button, the Calendar will show starting yesterday. This allows you to identify who is checking out today.

Housekeeping Clean or Dirty room status:

On the far left of the Reservation Calendar is an "H" for housekeeping status. The red square means the room is dirty. The white square indicates the room is clean. The square is a button. Click it to change the status of the room.

When you check a guest in, the room is automatically marked as dirty.


Reservations on the Calendar are color-coded and include optional icons. Move your mouse to the bottom right and hover over the word Legend to see what the colors and icons mean.

You may control which of the icons appear on the Calendar by going to Settings -> Reservation Calendar.

From the calendar, you can turn these identifying markers on or off by selecting the View drop-down and clicking on Show Details.

The Calendar will also show any dates you have made unavailable by using the Blackout feature. Blackouts will appear solid gray on the Calendar grid. These apply to all Rate Types. To learn more about creating blackouts, please visit our Support Center and review the document called Manage Blackouts. 

To view available Rate Types, use the drop-down selector labeled Show Rates located above the Calendar grid. Select the Rate Type you'd like to use. To view pricing for the Rate Type, click on the View drop-down. You can also select to view restrictions such as Minimum Nights, Maximum Nights, and Closed on Arr/Dep on the Calendar. 

In the example below, you'll see the first date has no restrictions, the second has a 2 Night Minimum on Arrival, indicated by "2A", and the third night has a 2 Night Minimum Through, indicated by "2": 


Quotes & Reservations:

There are two easy ways to give a quote directly from the Reservation Calendar. From the View icon, select Show Rates. The Calendar is now populated with the base room rate for each room for each night. For example, we would give a quote as, “On February 18th, The Villa is $270, plus tax.” 

Another quick way: select the room and nights by clicking and dragging on the Calendar or by clicking each night one at a time. This is useful when using devices with touch screens. You can even select multiple rooms for reservations that need to room-hop by repeating the process. In the upper right-hand corner, you will now see the total cost of the reservation with all taxes and fees included. Keep in mind that the total is calculated on the base occupancy established for the room. In this example, the total for this two-night stay in The Villa is $811.34. You can add additional guest or pet fees when you create the reservation.


Start with the "New" button on the top right for a more complete quote.

Restriction Overrides:

When you try to make a reservation that doesn’t meet the booking requirements, you'll see a warning message informing you of the restrictions. Choose whether or not to override the booking requirements and continue with the reservation. This feature helps prevent unintentional booking errors while allowing you the flexibility to override restrictions. 

Sort by Availability:

This feature allows you to focus on current availability. When you click and drag on the dates at the top of the Reservation Calendar, your room order will automatically adjust, bringing all the rooms with availability to the top. This is particularly helpful if you have many rooms at your property, saving you time searching and scrolling.


Adjust rooms and dates easily and efficiently. When you attempt to move a reservation, it will turn solid blue. A blue border appears around the boxes where you are set to drop the reservation.


Built-in safeguards help prevent drag-and-drop mistakes, pricing errors, and double-bookings. This message below is an example of what will appear after dropping the reservation to a new spot on the Calendar:

Another one of those safeguards is the ability to pin a reservation, which prevents it from being moved without unpinning it first. A pinned reservation will appear to have a pin on the left-hand side:

If you attempt to move a pinned reservation, you'll see the reservation turn solid blue as before, but the area where you are trying to drop it will turn red and a prohibition symbol is displayed. You may undo the pin by opening the reservation and editing it to remove the restriction.

Calendar Zoom:

Use your browser to control the zoom view of the Reservation Calendar while keeping everything perfectly aligned. Depending on the browser, you will access this setting by clicking on View in your browser menu, and then selecting Zoom In or Zoom Out. Your browser may also offer keyboard shortcuts. Please consult your browser's Help Center for assistance.


In Settings, you can make some configuration changes to the Reservation Calendar.
In the Reservation Calendar setting, you can choose which reservations icons appear. By default, all will be selected when your account is created. You may also reorder how your rooms appear on the Reservation Calendar. Note that this will not affect your booking engine room order. You can also enable the housekeeping clean/dirty flag here. 

In the Calendar Notes setting, you can create reminders to appear on the Reservation Calendar. These could be holidays, reminders about upcoming local events like a festival, or a room repair. The possibilities are endless!

Calendar Notes:

Calendar Notes appear on the Reservation Calendar as yellow bars underneath the date. Just hover over the bar to see the full description.

Calendar notes are configured in Settings > Calendar Notes

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