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How do I filter my reports?

Some reports in ThinkReservations support filtering. This feature allows you to organize your data in ThinkReservations better. When you export your data, the filters are exported.

How do I filter my report?

In the report that supports filtering, you will see "FILTER" and the ability to update the options. For example, the Reservations by Payment Status has a section labeled "FILTER PAYMENT STATUSES". The Occupancy by Room Report has a section labeled "FILTER ROOMS".

  1. Navigate to a report by clicking Reports and then selecting a supported report on the left.
  2. In the FILTER section text box, click to specify a filter object. You can type to search if you have many options.
  3. Continue to add selections to your filter if needed. When done, hit Esc or click outside the filter element.
  4. When ready, click the Generate button to generate the report based on your filters.

If you share the link of a generated report, it will include the parameters, including any set filters.

When you Export this report, it will respect the filters that you have set.

Which reports are supported?

The following reports currently support filters:

  • Reservations by Payment Status - filter by payment status
  • Reservations by Agent - filter by agent
  • Occupancy by Room - filter by room
  • Occupancy by Room Type - filter by room type
  • Point of Sales by Payment Status - filter by payment status
  • Revenue by Room - filter by room
  • Revenue by Item - filter by item
  • Revenue by Rate Type - filter by rate type
  • Revenue by Account - filter by account
  • Revenue by Agents - filter by Agent
  • RevPAR by Room - filter by room
  • Payments by Type - filter by type

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